Promises. Delivered.

As a private, family-owned business, Sunset puts customers first — big or small. Sunset and its employees are here for the long term, committed to our roots with personalized, reliable service.

We are proud to uphold our 5 Promises with every customer, every day.


Gain financial and operational cost reductions to maximize your supply chain spend.

Delivering customized supply chain cost reductions through:
  • Low-cost carrier routing and optimization
  • Truckload consolidation opportunities
  • Vendor compliance and management
  • Shipments-in-transit audit process
  • Carrier invoice audit and payment
  • Bid procurement and carrier rate negotiation
  • Load execution

Visibility through Technology

Integrate your systems to access crucial shipping data.

Gain visibility through Sunset’s transportation software solutions:
  • Carrier pricing management; storing and providing access to rates and transit times for shipper ERP integration
  • TMS Freight•LOGIK for inbound and outbound vendor routing
  • Freight audit & payment system Pay•LOGIK for all modes, including freight invoice and data management in a configurable customer dashboard
  • Configurable business intelligence dashboard for transportation data visibility and analysis.
  • API/EDI solutions for visibility to pricing, shipment tendering, shipments status and document imaging.

Data-Driven Decisions

Convert your past and present shipping data into actionable metrics, enabling objective and quantifiable decision-making.

Make your data work for you through:
  • Business intelligence reporting; providing historic, current and predictive insights into business operations.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and savings tracking
  • Industry and customer benchmarking
  • Shipper and carrier report cards

Continuous Improvement

Join Sunset’s culture of continuous improvement; apply over 30 years of progressive best practices for a leaner supply chain.

Create repeatable success using industry and proprietary best practices:
  • Develop and refine standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Carrier qualification and safety compliance
  • Industry regulation monitoring and consulting for proactive compliance
  • Continuous savings evaluation and implementation

Relationships, not Transactions

Do business with a company whose customers are part of the family; built on transparency and partnerships.

Partner with a 3PL invested in your long-term success:
  • Culture of community, family and “right-sized” relationships
  • One-on-one account management with logistics and carrier experts
  • Agility with stability
  • Responsive communication