Claims Management Service

Sunset’s Claims Management Service is one of our strongest value-added customer services; one that leverages our long-term industry knowledge and experience to manage your claims and maximize your recovery.

Our Claims Management Service team works with you, equipped with an arsenal of best practices to help prevent and manage loss and/or damages. Complete the form below to begin.

While not every field is required, Sunset suggests using this form as a checklist of common documentation practices so we may best serve you.  Once we receive your submitted report, our Claims Management Service team will work with your logistics advisor to assist you through the resolution process.  For immediate questions, please email

Please note:  If you need to move any damaged cargo and have not already coordinated this with your logistics advisor, please contact them immediately to discuss your specific shipping needs.  If the damaged cargo can be held temporarily in storage, please do so, as the carrier’s insurance company may want to inspect.
If the damaged cargo cannot be held temporarily, please take photographs of the cargo from multiple angles, including both close and wide shots, and including damaged portions as well as undamaged portions.

Loss or Damage Report Form

Customer Loss / Damage Claim Form

If available, please forward the following documents to referencing your company name in the subject line. Delayed submission of these documents may impact the time it takes to resolve your claim.

  • Bill of Lading
  • Delivery Receipt
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Repair Estimate
  • Other Loss/Damage Valuation
  • Pictures

If you have questions about completing this form or if you need any assistance at any time, please contact the Claims Management Service team by email at