Take control of your shipping through Sunset’s flex-fit philosophy –– offering a full spectrum of multimodal transportation solutions and logistics administration.

Get back to mission-critical business knowing your freight is in expert hands.


Sunset Trans Flex Fit Philosophy

Bid management and carrier procurement:

Leverage your shipment volume to align the right carrier with the right lane for consistent capacity and pricing.

Route optimization & strategic modeling:

Utilize the lowest cost carrier on every shipment

Shipment creation, execution and visibility:

  • LOGIK combines order data, live in-transit tracking, and shipping performance metrics to deliver actionable reporting.

Freight audit and payment:

Streamline your logistics accounting processes

Reporting and KPI Compliance:

Measure results through interpretive data and continuous improvement

Is a third party logistics solution right for you?

  • Do you have someone in-house negotiating carrier contracts?
  • Do you know your annual transportation spend?
  • Do you have a monthly review process in place to identify continuous improvement?
  • Do you have any reporting capabilities to understand line-item transactions?
  • Do you currently have a freight bill audit process in place?

If you answered “no” to any of those questions, submit a request for information to get the conversation started.

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